For the first time, three presentation formats for Completed Research Papers.

Completed Research Papers accepted for publication will be presented at Wi23 for the first time using three different presentation formats. As the Conference Program Committee, we want these presentation formats to facilitate communication and advancement and an interesting and entertaining presentation of the latest research in our discipline.

We should emphasize that each presentation format highlights the strengths and needs of the accepted Completed Research Papers. The Track Chairs will propose the assignment of papers based on the merits of each presentation format, while the Conference Program Committee will ultimately decide which paper will be assigned to which presentation format. The overall timing of the conference also plays a role in the final assignment. The nomination of outstanding contributions – i.e., best papers – is done independently of the three presentation formats by the Track Chairs.

The following presentation formats are intended to open further development opportunities, discussion, and dissemination of research results:

Thought-Provoking Paper Sessions

The Thought-Provoking Paper Sessions will present research contributions that have the potential to attract attention beyond the boundaries of the individual tracks and to develop more complex implications for society, theory, or management of Information Systems.

A Thought-Provoking Paper will be presented to a large audience in a 15-minute talk. In an ensuing discussion, the results and implications of the paper will be discussed comprehensively (also 15 minutes). A Track Chair or an Associate Editor will moderate this discussion. Each track may propose one Thought-Provoking Paper for this type of session.

Pitch Sessions

Pitch Sessions will feature research papers that communicate straightforward implications and whose development is based on applying widely known research methods within a common setting.

A Pitch Paper will be presented in a 5-minute talk in front of a large audience. A discussion of the contributions will take place directly after the pitches in an interactive marketplace. The Pitch Session will intentionally be scheduled in an attractive time slot to facilitate intensive networking at the conference. Hence, for this dynamic format, the time limit for the presentations must be strictly adhered to.

Classic Paper Sessions

Classic Paper Sessions will present research papers that convey implications for specific communities and thus benefit from more discipline-focused discussions.

A Classic Paper will be presented in a 15-minute presentation and then discussed in a 10-minute discussion. In this way, the contribution will receive special attention from the community and will, as a result, benefit from specific and more detailed feedback for its further development. Furthermore, additional time can be spent discussing all contributions in this session. Therefore, we ask all Session Chairs to make the discussion as engaging as possible.