WS 06: ISDAEB – Information System Design, Analytics & Economic Behavior

Workshop Beschreibung

Information systems (IS) have evolved to business enablers that fundamentally change the (economic) behavior of market participants. “Enabling IS” mediate interactions among individuals and organizations by analyzing (customer) data, aggregating data and preferences, and coordinating transactions and resource allocation. Examples include electronic auction markets, crowd sourcing platforms, online labor markets, reputation mechanisms, e-voting systems, or recommender systems.

Designing “enabling IS” requires an in-depth understanding of how humans and organizations interact with each other, and how the parameters of a decision situation shape its outcome. Game theory, experimental and behavioral economics provide this understanding in the form of fundamental models about the equilibrium behavior of players in complex strategic environments. They offer valuable guidelines for modelling the behavioral patterns of humans, organizations and society and for IS design. For example, game theory and experimental economics are central to the design of ad auctions, sharing platforms, and reputation mechanisms. Economic theory provides the basis for the design of policy measures to mitigate negative externalities created through “enabling IS” such as sharing platforms.

Beyond implementing economic models, designing “enabling IS” poses new challenges and creates new insights that feed back into theory: IS designers often face utility functions and design desiderata that are quite different from the ones that are described in economic textbooks. “Enabling IS” allow for the implementation and the evaluation of completely new designs that have not yet been described in the theoretical literature. Data generated by “enabling IS” in combination with advanced analytics methods and innovative algorithms promise to deliver unexpected insights and detect unknown behavioral patterns, which in turn enrich economic theory and inform the design of “enabling IS”.

This workshop series focuses on research at the various interfaces between IS Design, Analytics & Economic Behavior. The workshop welcomes all researchers who typically attend conferences such as WISE, CIST, TEIS, and the Economics of IS tracks at ICIS, ECIS etc. The workshop will feature up to four invited presentations in a single track. Each presentation includes a discussant and an intense plenary session. Generously planned time slots give room for in-depth, constructive academic debate.  

Vorgesehene Zielgruppe: Wissenschaft

Datum des Workshops

Donnerstag 21.09.2023, ab 10:30 bis open end


Alex Kupfer

Universität Innsbruck, Alexander.Kupfer(at)

Verena Dorner

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien,

Dominik Gutt

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Steffen Zimmermann

Universität Ulm, steffen.zimmermann(at)