Is there a limit to the number of submissions per author? 

The maximum number of submissions per (co-)author is 5. 

Are Ph.D. students allowed to submit papers if the supervisor is one of the track chairs? 

If the Track Chairs (TC) are authors themselves, then submitting in a different track would be appropriate. You should not submit in your track to avoid a conflict of interest. Submissions from an author who have a conflict of interest with TCs or Associate Editors (AE) are possible. Within the track, it should then be ensured that a TC or an AE is responsible for the paper and does not have a Conflict of Interest. 

Where can I get help with the ConfTool? 

Instructions on how to use the ConfTool can be found at the following link: Link follows. 

Do I also have to register for the main conference if I only want to attend workshops? 

You can attend the workshops independently from the main conference. The link with the dial-in data can be found on the workshop pages. Exception: Presenters whose papers will also be published in the proceedings must register for the main conference. 

Is it possible to change the registration for workshops?

It is possible to change the registration for workshops in ConfTool under “Edit Your Event Registration Details and/or Register for Another Event”. This allows you to select and deselect all non-payable events (e.g. social events and workshops), as long as there are still places available. However, for changes to the paid conference registration, what is stated in the T&Cs applies.

What is the review process? 

The description of the review process can be found at the following link: Link follows. 

Can I register and pay on-site? 

We strongly recommend that you register in advance. Only if space is available, registration via the website will still be possible.

I have special dietary needs; how can I request special meals? 

We will do our best to accommodate your special dietary needs. Please select the special meal you would like from the options provided when you register. All special dietary requests must be made on-site before arrival; requests made on-site cannot be accommodated. 

Do I need to register if I am presenting at the conference? 

For the paper to appear in the conference proceedings, at least one author of each paper must attend the presentation session and be registered for the conference. Failure to do so will result in your paper being removed from the conference proceedings. 

Do I need to register to attend the conference if I am a Track Chair or Associate Editor? 

Track Chairs or Associate Editors must register normally to attend the conference. 

How do I get answers to other questions? 

In this case, please contact the organizers by email: