UNITY is the management consultancy for innovation and transformation. We enable global players, midsize companies and public sector customers to master digital transformation that is future-proof and sustainable. UNITY provides impulses through its in-depth understanding of technology and turns its customers into pioneers in their industries.

UNITY is a member of the UNITY Innovation Alliance AG. This is a strong network of companies that supports its customers in the digitalization of business models, products and services through continuous expertise – from the conception to the implementation. The UNITY Innovation Alliance has a total of 800 employees, of which 380 are employed by the management consultancy.

Satisfied customers are our primary goal in all our projects. We are very proud to be the recipient of several awards in recognition for our work. Some examples of these include: The “Best of Consulting“ award from WirtschaftsWoche (5 time-winner), “Germany‘s Digital Pioneer“ from F.A.Z. and “very good employer” by the international research and consulting institute Great Place to Work®.

Why UNITY is a sponsor of WI23…

WI23 in Paderborn is an important exchange platform for the latest trends and developments in business informatics. As a management consultancy for innovation & transformation, founded out of the HNI in Paderborn, we solve complex issues with our customers on a daily basis. The topic of “Digital Responsibility” is becoming more and more important due to the rapid development of state-of-the-art products and services. As a practice partner of the SICP, we would like to participate in the discussion with research, companies, and young professionals and contribute our experience.



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