WS 01: PANEL “Open Science in Information Systems”

Panel description

Open Science is a movement for more transparency in science, which has an increasing impact on everyday science in all disciplines. Open Science practices are gradually becoming part of the everyday work of business information scientists. In the context of the planned panel, the results of a survey on the status quo of open science practices in business informatics will be presented and discussed. In particular, challenges and opportunities in the implementation of an Open Science approach will be addressed.

Intended target group: Science

Panel date

Monday 18.09.2023, 13:00 to 14:30


Introduction and presentation of the survey results “Status Quo Open Science in Business Informatics”.

Alexander Mädche

KIT und Die Wirtschaftsinformatik e.V.

Panel Discussion: Open Science – Challenges and Opportunities


Prof. Dr. Jan Recker

Universität Hamburg

Dr. Guido Scherp

ZBW Kiel

Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev


Dr. Oliver Werth


Brief introduction of BERD@NDFI

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Höhle

Universität Mannheim

Open discussion and summary

Alexander Mädche

KIT und Die Wirtschaftsinformatik e.V.


Alexander Mädche


Executive organization

Die Wirtschaftsinformatik e.V.